Sartorius Weighing Accessories

Alpha-Liberty  offers a wide range of Sartorius accessories for the proper handling, storage, and cleaning of weights and a wide selection of helpful accessories, including thermal printers, density determination kits, pipette calibration, draft shields, and weighing pans designed to meet all of your weighing needs.


Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal Transfer Direct YDP30 Printer works with Sartorius Secura, Quintix, and Practum laboratory balances and MA37 or MA160 moisture analyzers. Transfer weight measurements to paper easily with this balance printer.


Direct Thermal Printer

The Sartorius YDP40 direct thermal printer with 203 x 203 dpi resolution. Transfer weight reading from your Sartorius Practum, Quintix, Secura, MA37, or MA160 balance easily. Data is transferred at the press of a key.


Density Determination Kit

VF4601 Density determination kit for solids and liquids; for balances with a readability of 0.01 mg.

YDK03 Determine the specific gravity of solids and liquids using the glass plummet; for balances with a readability of 0.1 mg or 1 mg.

YDK04 Density determination kit for solids and liquids; for balances with a readability of 10 mg.

The Archimedean principle is applied for determining the specific gravity of a solid with this measuring device. A solid immersed in a liquid is subject to the force of buoyancy. The value of this force is the same as that of the weight of the liquid displaced by the volume of the solid.With a hydrostatic balance, which enables you to weigh a solid in air as well as in water, it is possible to: determine the specific gravity of a solid if the density of the liquid causing buoyancy is known.


Pipette calibration kit

Pipette calibration kit (YCP01SQ, hardware) for balances with a readability of 0.01mg. The kit consists of a moisture trap and all required adapters.


Additional Accessories

Extend the capabilities of your Sartorius laboratory balances with accessories from our comprehensive range of Sartorius weighing accessories, including:

  • In-use dust covers
  • External rechargable battery packs for standard laboratory balances
  • Draft shields and interior glass shields
  • Weighing pans and filters
  • Standard paper and ink ribbon for laboratory printers
  • Self-adhesive paper and ink ribbon set for YDP30 laboratory printer
  • Data cables
  • Static ionizers for eliminating electrostatic charges
  • Balance tables made of natural stone with vibration dampeners
  • …and more
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