Pipette Tips

In pipetting, results depend equally on your pipette and your choice of pipette tip. The best fitting pipette tips for Sartorius pipettes are Optifit standard pipette tips and Safetyspace® Filter Tips. They ensure the performance of Sartorius pipettes and repeatability of your results like no other tip can.

Optifit | Standard Tips

Sartorius Optifit tips are a high-quality choice for most pipetting tasks with their wide range of easy-to-use packaging, sterility and purity options. The universal tip design makes them compatible with most other pipette brands.

High Quality Tips — Optifit tip manufacturing process has strict quality controls to ensure that each tip from each batch is uniform. They are made from medical grade polypropylene and thanks to the fully automated production process they ensure the purity level your experiments require.

Easy-to-Use Packaging

You have multiple convenient packaging options to choose from: ready-to-use single tray, two refill options or bulk tips.​ Tip racks and packaged are color-coded for easy matching with Sartorius pipettes.​

Tips for Every Use

Our standard tip range is from 10 µl to 10 ml but you can also get specialty tips from us.​ When you are pipetting from hard to reach sample tubes or want to be extra gentle when pipetting your cells check our extended length or wide bore pipette tips.​

Safetyspace® | Filtered pipette tips

Safetyspace® Filter tips feature the unique safety space air gap, so your sample never touches the filter. They offer optimal protection for your work from cross contamination and enable you to use the full volume of the tip with any pipetting mode.​ In addition to protecting your samples, the filter protects your pipette.

Mind the Gap

The Safetyspace® gap is a unique product feature of Sartorius tips. It leaves extra room for the liquid, so it never touches the filter eliminating loss of sample, reducing risk of contamination and reduction in accuracy.​

Now you can use the entire volume range of your electronic pipette in any pipetting mode.

Aerosol Barrier Filter

Safetyspace® Filter tips are fitted with pure polyethylene filters that effectively capture solid and liquid aerosol particles. The filter is made without self-sealing additives to avoid any interference with your samples or results.

The Extra Space is Particularly Useful in the Following Applications:

  • Pipetting foaming liquids such as buffers and proteins​

  • Pipetting solvents​

  • Multi dispensing and reverse pipetting

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Bottle-Top Dispensers

Sartorius bottle-top dispensers and burettes are safe, convenient, and customizable. They fit perfectly to a wide range of dispensing needs.

Bottle-top dispenser features include:

  • Chemical Resistance — Prospenser and Prospenser Plus offer​ excellent chemical resistance thanks​ to their high-quality materials. The​ ceramic piston is chemically stable and​ compatible with an extremely wide​range of liquids.
  • Easy to Use — Prospenser and Prospenser Plus​ have an incremental volume setting​ enabling you to set the exact volume​ every time.​ The aspiration tube is easy to attach​ with a secure threaded connection.​ This prevents air entering the system​ and ensures consistent results.
  • Easy Cleaning — Valves can be easily cleaned or replaced by the user so there is no need to send the​ unit to be serviced. Prospenser and Prospenser Plus are​ easy to disassemble for cleaning and​ are fully autoclavable.
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Propenser Plus

High quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance and advanced features like media recirculation. It is safe, convenient, and customizable, making it perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.


Prospenser is high quality bottle-top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance. It’s safe, convenient, and customizable, making it perfect for a wide range of dispensing needs.


Biotrate is a premium digital burette equipped with sophisticated functions for easy titration. Biotrate offers high chemical resistance and it is a smart solution for titrating various liquids accurately and safely. Biotrate is easy and convenient to use due to its large and clear electronic display, smooth operating wheels, and 360° rotating dispensing head.

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Pipette Controllers

Pipette controllers are used to control aspiration and dispensing when using serological pipettes. The electronic motor allows quick and easy aspiration and controlled dispensing.

Pipette controller features include:

  • Controlled aspiration and dispensing — With Midi Plus you are in control. Aspiration and dispensing speed can easily be controlled by using the adjustment wheel and fine-tuned by adjusting finger pressure on the operating buttons.​

  • Save bench space by using the fold-out stand — The integrated fold-out stand saves bench space and is convenient to use. While Midi Plus is resting on the stand, the glass or plastic pipette is kept off from the table surface helping to avoid contamination.

  • Compatible with wide range of pipettes and tips​ — Midi Plus is compatible with commonly used glass or plastic pipettes in the 1 – 100 ml volume range. With adapters, sold separately, Midi Plus can also be used with 5ml and 10ml Optifit tips.

Midi Plus Pipette Controller

Midi Plus™ is a lightweight cordless pipetting controller, which allows aspiration from bottles and tubes without the arm and hand elevations required with serological or volumetric pipettes. It fits all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes, but can also be used with Sartorius 5 ml and 10 ml disposable tips. The speed can be fine-tuned by applying varying finger pressure to the operating buttons.

  • Precise finger tip control of variable speed ranges
  • Fits all commonly used 1 – 100 ml glass or plastic pipettes
  • Hydrophobic autoclavable filter prevents from overaspiration
  • Convenient fold-out bench stand supports the unit and pipet when not in use (not available in units sold in the United States)
  • Low battery warning
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Pipetting Accessories

The wide selection of Sartorius pipetting accessories keep your laboratory and instruments clean and in good order and make your pipetting safer and more comfortable. The pipette stands hold your pipettes in an upright position while not in use to avoid contamination from benches and tables, whereas the Safe-Cone Filters of the pipettes prevent contamination of the sample and the pipette while pipetting. Elbow pad supports ergonomic and comfortable pipetting.

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