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Sartorius Hazardous Material / Paint Mixing Scales

Sartorius paint-mixing scales are used where fast and precise paint mixing is required. Special features of our paint mixing scales include user-friendly operation, as well as an extensive range of equipment, options, and applications.

For easy interactive communication:

  • Rugged & Reliable
  • As a stand-alone scale or connected to a PC or mixing system
  • Recalculation, Fractional Mixing, & Dual range function


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PMA Evolution

Increase your paint-mixing efficiency while reducing your total cost of ownership with this precise, reliable, and fast scale.

  • High-contrast display with outstanding readouts and an intuitive user interface for fast and easy paint mixing
  • Innovative, fast and simple installation using just one USB cable for data transfer and power supply
  • USB driver Microsoft® certified for “plug & play” installation
  • Integrated paint-mixing module for PC-independent weighing of one formula

The PMA Evolution paint-mixing scales feature a truly innovative design.

They make your daily work easy with their display surface made of tempered glass that is so simple to wipe clean. These scales enable you to experience evolution at its best. Their next-generation user interface with a rich-in-contrast display and sensor touch technology are designed for convenient operation – you’ll almost forget you’re working. high-contrast “white on black” backlit display is easy to see – even from odd angles and at a distance.

Additional features, such as PMA.Management software, a variety of built-in apps and the integrated mix module, let you define your multi-step workflows to maximize efficiency – and your comfort zone. Enjoy paint scales with build quality that’s “Made in Germany.” PMA Evolution is amazingly fast to install. Thanks to its new installation concept, one cable is all you need to power the scale and transfer data. The PMA Evolution.series covers scales for use in hazardous areas and those verifiable as legal for trade.


PMA Vision

Prepare for the future in paint mixing – with the PMA Vision you concentrate on what is important in the mixing room: the finished mix. With the integrated mixing module, the connection to a dedicated PC is unnecessary – Control your mixing processes efficiently and effectively right on the PMA Vision.

  • No dedicated PC/Terminal in the mixing area needed
  • Smaller investment: Lower installation cost
  • Ease of installation-Simpler cabling
  • Easy to clean: Tempered edge-glass display and optional in-use protective covers
  • Mixing process does not need to be supported by color software
  • Mobile data processing

Get ready for the future in paint mixing: The Sartorius PMA Vision mixing station will greatly simplify your future work processes!

Accelerate your color search and order entry by a location-independent, Web-based software solution and data management. Mix jobs can easily and conveniently be managed by a mobile tablet or smartphone. In this way, data transmission is quickly and efficiently stored on a data server and can then be used for an automated warehouse management, such as inventory control and VOC tracking.

The integrated mix-module of PMA Vision handles process mixed orders (queued jobs) independently of PC. Design your processes forward-focused and economically – the PMA Vision will inspire you.



High 10 mg resolution for small quantities — Enhance the quality of your recipes and mix-jobs for high-quality and economical paint mixing with the PMA HD.

  • The highest accuracy even with small quantities of paint
  • Ideal solution for mobile applications
  • Smaller footprint-saves space
  • Versatile USB power options: optional battery pack/power bar
  • Easy to clean: Tempered edge-glass display and optional in-use protective covers
  • Approved for use in zone 1 | Class I, Div. 1 hazardous areas
  • Software compatibility

The PMA HD is the ideal solution for painters, shops, and labs where higher accuracy for smaller amounts is needed.

With a high 10 mg (0.01g) resolution, the Ex Zone1/Class I, Division 1 approval and the ability to connect to your color software, the PMA HD provides the ideal specifications for fast and effective results in your color development lab.

The ergonomic design uses a smaller footprint, saving space, and the superior display and versatile power options make the PMA HD the ideal solution for your mobile repairs.


PMA Power

If you do not want to make any compromises when mixing large amounts of paint, the new PMA.Power is the ideal solution. Its monolithic weigh cell featuring a resolution of 0.1 g and a weighing capacity extending up to 35 kg enables you to pour components quickly and accurately into relatively large paint cans.

Thanks to its high resolution, you will also find it easy to pour in small amounts with total accuracy on the PMA.Power scale. This lets you save money by not having to buy a second scale.

  • Large 14-segment display
  • Scrolling text function
  • Especially for mixing under tough ambient conditions
  • Protected against overload
  • Calculation by factor function (to mix fractional amounts)
  • Recalculation function
  • Standard serial interface port