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Ion BM Series Balances

Practical weighing solutions for microgram weighing with integrated applications that make your weighing process efficient and convenient.

  • Capacities from 22g to 520g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 1μg
  • Internal calibration with auto-self calibration feature to adjust for temperature variations, ensuring consistent measurements
  • Standard RS232C allows for easy system integration
  • Built-in, fan-less ionizer to eliminate static interference
  • Large weighing chamber allows for direct weighing of small samples into larger tare containers

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Apollo GX-A/GF-A Series (Bestseller)

Improve productivity and efficiency of your workflows with the A&D Apollo lab balance’s user-friendly and innovative features, designed to provide reliable results across a range of environments and applications.

  • Capacities from 122g up to 330g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • Smart weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Data integrity and regulatory compliance made easy
  • Glass breeze break with space saving retractable doors
  • Durable metal construction provides increased protection and stability

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Galaxy HR Series

Accurate and reliable balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions into a lightweight, compact design.

  • Capacities from 102g to 252g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • C-SHS patented weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Lean compact design makes this A&D’s smallest analytical that saves on space
  • Practical built-in features such as density determination and counting
  • Durable metal construction and shatterproof, anti-static plastic breeze break are chemically resistant and easy-to-clean; ideal for regulated FDA/HACCP environments

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Gemini GR Series

Dependable and durable balances to meet your traditional weighing operations

  • Engineered construction OES Ordinal Electromagnetic weighing technology allows consistent results
  • Count on core functionality with large LCD display & space saving features
  • Easy to operate, clean, and maintain; antistatic breeze break, ABS housing, and SS pan, spill ring, dust plate & base floor

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Phoenix GH Series

Solid performance ensures consistent and precise weighing results.

  • Capacities from 120g to 320g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.01mg
  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) provides the best accuracy and precision
  • Advances stabilization features and flexible interface options
  • Durable stainless steel lower-housing and chemically resistant ABS plastic top-housing

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FZ/FX Series Precision Balances

A precision balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions in a compact, light-weight package.

  • C-SHS Patented weighing technology
  • Compact footprint with fast stabilization
  • Dependable & durable
  • IP65 and Legal for Trade (NTEP and MC) models available
  • Large bright vacuum fluorescent display and underhook for below weighing
  • Built-in rechargeable battery option

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Newton EJ Series Portable Balances

A classic portable balance that saves on space without compromising performance.

  • SG weighing technology gives you the right functionality at the right price
  • Portable on-the-go weighing ideal for multi-user applications
  • Maximize productivity with long battery life and display hold features

Now students, researchers, and industrial users have a convenient and affordable way to make milligram measurements.

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GP Series Precision Balances

The most versatile high capacity industrial kg balance

  • Double leveraged SHS weighing technology enhances performance accuracy up to 101kg capacity
  • Versatile swing arm & detachable display make it ideal for benchtops & floor settings alike
  • IP65 / NEMA4 compliant makes it resistant to dust and water
  • The GP internal calibration with an internal mass saves time and money. With the internal calibration with internal mass, the balance is calibrated quickly with Automatic Self Calibration or One Touch Automatic Calibration.

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Pricing and quotes
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