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Everest EW/EK Series Compact Balances

Versatile Weighing Ranges and Robust Design — For years, the EK/EW models have been popular compact balances for a wide variety of applications and have been designed to carry on their tradition with enhanced capacities and resolutions, and EW-i models come with attractive triple ranges of weighing. New electronics, wider selection of capacities & resolutions, and remote-zeroing have been included in a low-profile rugged housing. All feature RS-232C standard and are designed to meet Weights and Measures regulations for various countries (e.g. NTEP, CE).

  • Capacities from 30g to 12000g
  • Readabilities from 0.01g to 1g
  • Compact rugged design and reliable SG Weighing Technology
  • Versatile single & triple weighing ranges to fit your counting, percent & comparator applications
  • NTEP approved & Instrinsically Safe versions


FZ/FX Series Precision Balances

A precision balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions in a compact, light-weight package. Built on A&D’s cutting-edge sensor technology, the FZ-i/FX-i series is a
highly robust precision balance that delivers fast and accurate weighing
without any frills, offering cost-effective solutions for a diverse array of

  • C-SHS Patented weighing technology
  • Compact footprint with fast stabilization
  • Dependable & durable
  • IP65 and Legal for Trade (NTEP and MC) models available
  • Large bright vacuum fluorescent display and underhook for below weighing
  • Built-in rechargeable battery option


Pricing and quotes
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Explore A&D Weighing Legal for Trade Compact Scales

SK-WP Series Compact Bench Scales

Legal for Trade portioning scale for wet and dusty environments, ideal for food processing and food service applications.

Sturdy metal housing and weighing platform provide the protection and stability necessary for tough industrial weighing while IP65 rating allows for easy cleaning and protection from dust. Compact and sleek stainless steel design requires minimal counter space so you can weigh where you need it.

  • NTEP Certified and Measurement Canada approved (except SK-5001WP)
  • Fast response for increased productivity
  • Temperature compensated load cell for use near ovens or in refrigerated areas
  • NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards


HL-WP Series Compact Scales

Basic Compact Scale that can be used in Food Processing and Food Service Applications where Hygiene is a Concern. The HLWPSeries of compact digital scales can be completely submerged in water.This allows for easy cleaning and eliminates the concern over accidental exposure to wet  environments.The HLWPwas designed to withstand the variety of harsh conditions found in commercial and industrial facilities.

  • NTEP Certified models (see table)
  • Small, compact footprint
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • NSF 169 and NSF 14159-1 listed; the highest hygienic food safety standards