A&D Weighing - Analytical Balances

Premium Analytical Balances

Ion BM Series
Practical weighing solutions for microgram weighing with integrated applications that make your weighing process efficient and convenient.

  • Capacities from 22g to 520g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 1μg
  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) provides the best accuracy and precision
  • Built-in, fan-less ionizer to eliminate static interferences
  • Large weighing chamber allows for direct weighing of small samples into larger tare containers


Advanced Analytical Balances

Apollo GX-A/GF-A Series (Bestseller)
Taking weighing precision and protection to new heights with integrated applications to make your weighing workflows fast and convenient.

  • Capacities from 122g up to 330g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • Smart weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Innovative solutions to meet demands in validation and compliance
  • Glass breeze break with space saving retractable doors
  • Durable metal construction provides increased protection and stability


Standard Analytical Balances

Galaxy HR Series
Accurate and reliable balance that combines all of the essential weighing functions into a lightweight, compact design.

  • Capacities from 102g to 252g
  • Readability down to 0.1mg
  • C-SHS weighing technology increases performance and productivity
  • Practical built-in features such as density determination and counting
  • Durable metal construction and shatterproof, anti-static plastic breeze break are chemically resistant and easy-to-clean


Classic Analytical Balances

Gemini GR Series
Phoenix GH Series
Solid performance ensures consistent and precise weighing results.

  • Capacities from 120g to 320g
  • Readabilities from 0.1mg to 0.01mg
  • Ordinal Electromagnetic Sensor (OES) provides the best accuracy and precision
  • Advances stabilization features and flexible interface options
  • Durable stainless steel lower-housing and chemically resistant ABS plastic top-housing


Pricing and quotes

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